Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 Seconds of Fame!

As some of you know, earlier this year I tried out for Season 3 of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  I made it quite a ways through the process, but wasn't selected for the show.  The experience is something that I'll never forget and I learned a lot about me during the process.

A few weeks ago I began a new fitness program via email with an awesome trainer.  A week into the program I received a special invite to the Philadelphia casting of Season 14 of Biggest Loser!  What to do!!!

My main reason for being interested in Extreme Makeover is the fact that Chris Powel lives with his clients for three months and helps them train at home.  This is what I truly want!  Well, I don't mean necessarily that I want Chris to move into my spare bedroom, but I mean, I want hands on training.  For anyone who is severely overweight, you can relate when I say it's difficult to know how hard to push yourself.  It's also frustrating to me to know whether or not I'm doing certain exercises correctly.  I can watch all the workout videos in the world, but that doesn't guarantee that I'm doing things right.

Anyway, when I received the Philly invite, my first thought was to decline.  I think Biggest Loser has been a very positive experience for many people, but I still feel for me, that if I were ever so blessed to be on one of these two shows, that Extreme Makeover is a better match.  However, I mentioned the idea to my cousin and we made a trip of it.

On Friday night, a group of us met for dinner at a restaurant and that was an awesome experience.  We were able to share our frustrations regarding weight and our hope for the future.  We did a lot of laughing and several of us plan on keeping in contact through facebook.

On Saturday we arrived at the designated area around noon.  As soon as we completed our articles we were escorted into the interviewing section.  Here's where my claim to fame comes in.  Imagine my surprise to hear Ian, a casting producer, holler "Barb!  Barb Bergerson! I was just going over your information!"  My cousin looked at me and saw my shocked face.  I was totally shocked that out of hundreds of people, Ian recognized me from my previous Ext. Makeover tryout. 

Like all the others, it would've been awesome to receive a callback, but I didn't get one.  And I have to be okay with that--and I really am okay with that.  It was another awesome experience and I met some fun people.  It also has kicked up my motivation a notch to stay serious with my new fitness routine.

For my new Biggest Loser friends and others who are struggling with their weight, we can do this!!!  Yes, it would be a huge life change to be trained by Chris, Bob, etc., but we can also do this on our own.  Set small goals and stay focused!!! 

Remember all the pics that Gary took of us at the restaurant?  In a year from now let's update those pics with some awesome weight loss pics!!!  So...what's your first goal???

~ Barb
   Journaling along on the road to fitness

Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Easy $20 Bucks!

Accountability.  Bottom line is that ultimately accountability is between you and yourself.  You can have accountability partners, trainers, coaches, etc., but only YOU know what you do and don't do during the entire 24 hours of any given day.

However, asking others to help you be accountable is not a bad thing.  If it helps you to think twice when you're contemplating cheating, then by all means, up the accountability.  And that's exactly what I did last week!

I posted on my Facebook Downsizing page that I have a $20 bill over my sun visor.  IF anyone catches me in line at McDonalds or Burger King, then the $20 will be handed over!  Why such a drastic thing?  I can do well for a few times and only order a salad and water, but then comes a time of wanting to try whatever the newest sandwich is.  As I wait forever in line, it gives me plenty of time to discover that McDonald's now has dipped top ice cream cones and Burger King has pulled pork sandwiches.  Why subject myself to pictures that make me drool for food that I'm trying to avoid?

So how did I do last week?  Absolutely fine!!!  Only once did I think about driving through and getting a salad to take to the jail, but the thought of someone busting me made me decide on making my own salad which was the original plan anyway.

This week I'm adding Subway to the spy list.  Subway does offer a few healthy choices, BUT Subway also has a meatball sub, chocolate chip cookies and cola--my favorite Subway meal.  I'm avoiding going there as I continue to lose weight.

So...if you see a black JOURNEY car at any one of these three places, feel free to bust me!!!

Just curious...what is your weakness in regards to eating healthy?

~ Barb
Journaling along on the road to fitness