Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's My Mom's Fault!

What you're about to read, I blame on my mother!  Growing up, when we needed to get rid of the refrigerated leftover food that no longer was recognizable, my mother would either have us dump it down the toilet or toss it into the ditch that runs along the driveway.  Now as an adult, I continue to honor such a ritual.
For those of you who don't know me very well, I actually live in the house that I grew up in.  There's no longer a ditch, but rather a "dry creek" that runs along the driveway.  I still toss spoiled food into the dry creek thinking that the bunnies and crows will either enjoy a special treat or have a bad case of indigestion. 
Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, I decided it was time to get rid of the leftover baked beans.  Last night I tossed them into the dry creek and didn't give it any more thought.  HOWEVER, when I headed out to my car this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful young deer enjoying the baked beans.  I watched her for several minutes and even took a few pics of her.  I was able to stand about 10 feet from her and I felt it was my duty to let her know that the baked beans might not agree with her.  She just tilted her head as though to say, "Crazy woman!  The beans went down easily and I haven't a clue what you mean!"  I couldn't help but think of that poor deer throughout the day. 
Wellsville recently has had a pig on the loose, a bear making the rounds, and now a deer that might make a skunk's odor seem pleasant!
So...what does feeding baked beans to a deer have to do with my fitness journey?  Not much!  Other than to say I'm cleaning out the refrigerator and getting ready to follow a new eating plan.  And now that I think about it, I should've set out the leftover milk from the three jugs that were in the fridge--probably the deer was thirsty after all those beans!
With summer right around the corner, what's your favorite healthy summer meal?
~ Barb
Journaling along on the road to fitness