Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Workout Before the Workout!

Since the hurting in my feet tends to happen more frequently than I want to admit to, I realize that I need to focus on other kinds of work outs and get back on track with eating healthy ALL of the time, rather than most of the time.

Because accountability works well with me, I decided to ask Diana, a fitness trainer, to work with me via email.  I'll tell you more about Diana in a future blog, but let's talk about getting ready for my first week.  I already had two 5-pound weights.  Diana wanted me to get some heavier weights as well.  Since Wellsville is in the middle of nowhere, I decided to order the weights and have them delivered to my home.

After a busy day at work, I arrived home to four misshapen boxes on my back porch.  I knew instantly what they were--my new dumbbells.  I opened the first box and it contained two 8-pound weights.  Grabbing a weight in each hand, I pumped the weights as I walked from the porch to the garage where I have my play workout room.  I chuckled as I told myself at least I'm working out as I walk.

The next box contained two 10-pound weights.  I did the same thing and thought it wasn't too bad.  As I went back and unwrapped the two 15-pound weights, I found myself tucking one of the weights partly under my arm and walked with the other one pressed against my stomach--they weighed a little too much to pump as I walked!

As I unwrapped the two 20-pound weights I just laughed.  I carried them one at a time and thought, "Wow!  That was a workout and we haven't even started!"

So I've been on this new plan for a week and did awesome for the first week!  I lost 8 pounds.  Now...there's no "whoo ouu" with the loss.  I had gained 10+ pounds after winning the fitness challenge at the jail.  So until I'm back at my "winning" weight, I'm not getting too excited about the current loss.  BUT I am excited to be back on track.

How about you? 
·         How is your fitness journey going? 
·         What are you proud about?
·         What do you want to accomplish this summer?  You can do it!!!!!!!!

~ Barb
Journaling along on the road to fitness

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